"Chocolate Shop'' - interior and exterior branding

Top Print have branded the interior and the exterior of the new-found "Chocolate shop" at Bourgas, Bulgaria. 

The decoration of windows and glass panels creates friendly atmosphere of the shop's entrance. The possibilities of printing individual designs are practically unlimited. Another interesting way of window branding is when the printed brand is cut along a contour so it can acquire a non-standart shape. For this exterior branding, a fine seld-adhesive PVC film was used, printed with latex inks and laminated for additional protection. 

An add-on to the store's exterior layout is the interesting PVC display.

The figure is made of PVC material which is directly printed onto a flatbed printer. The color transmission of the printer along with the used UV inks, create a vivid print, that is guaranteed to last for years. 

The last аttribute of the exterior are the floor stickers in front of the shop. They are made of gold, thick PVC film and are cut along a contour.

The shop's interior is decorated with several PVC panels and a PVC box with sizes 1,8 x 0,45 m.

Each advertising material is printed with inks which are durable and safe for indoor use. The created final products are bright and vivid. 

Learn more about the UV and the Latex inks here.

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