Top Print presents ThunderJET - beyond the realistic printing.

The latest addition to the technology park of Top Print is the high-resolution ThunderJet printer. With the ability to print on width 1.60 m, with minimum size of the printing drop and with possibility to print texts typed on 4 pt size, ThunderJets sets a new definition of the photorealistic printing. 

The printer is not only productive, fast and offers printing of new generation, but also creates final product that is eco friendly. 

The eco-solvent inks have lighter structure and are safer than the other solvent inks. With this, they keep the main advantage of the standart solvent inks - they have an excellent color transmission and are highly resistant of outdoor conditions. Those inks are applicable when printing for both indoor graphics and outdoor advertising campaigns. 

ThunderJet combines speed, productivity and high quality.

With its innovative automative locking system, ThunderJet secures the process of printing and allows smooth color overflow.  The intelligent IR drying system allows the use of the printed image as soon as it is taken off the printer. 

The four CMYK colors create a bright print.

Here the high resolution meets the high saturation of the print. Thanks to the ThunderJet's multifunctionality even some difficult expressions become easier to print (ex: photos, pictures with large amount of texts, maps, articlers, portrait photos, detailed photographs).

If you would like to check how authentic a print can be, please contact our specialists, to understand more about the printing of your project.