How a wide-format printing can add more value...

even when your product is under construction


In the end of March, 2017, Top Print complete a large-scale project and set it up on seven meters high. The whole construction is with the distinct size of 16.50 x 6 meters and is installed with the help of a few metal frames, а scaffold, some reinforcing materials and four trusted Top Print installers.


The image expressiveness will not fade over for a long period

The first element that was set on was the vinyl that was printed in three separate images. The overall size of the printing is 16.50 x 3 meters. The vinyl is printed on with UV digital printing technology. The final product and its image expressiveness will not fade over a long period.


Visual 3D effect 

After the printing was set on, the other elements were added. Their addition creates visual 3D effect as the images goes out of its frame. Such non-traditional advert can be very compelling especially when it is installed on an attractive location.

The elements that expand the construction are several – 10 birds, 5 beams, a sun with its 19 sun rays. The birds are a detailed cut out of a black PVC, while the other figures are directly printed over a cut out PVC. Each of the five beams is with size 0,35 x 6 meters. These additional elements are set on with metal frames, which were created by our team of professionals.


Any business wants to be exceptional and to deliver more to its customers

In the high-tech era that we are living in, any business wants to be exceptional and to deliver more to its customers. This megaboard 3D effect printing is just an example of how the digital technologies can turn any creative thinking into a project that creates a lasting impact.


Creativity adds value for customers 

The details that show innovation and the brand image that is bold, state that such business needs more customers that want to express themselves. And their uniqueness.

Don’t hesitate to ask our specialists to turn your unusual idea into reality. We can send you samples and offer you delivery preferences at minimum expenses. Let us be a part of your project!