Parkmart's store branding

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Parkmart Supermarkets! 

We have branded the supermarket externally and internally, aiming to communicate cosiness and quality to their clients by combining a high range of capabilities, offered by the wide format digital printing machinery. 

 Why is corporate branding important? 

Because that is advertising - communication and persuasiveness to your clients. Everything is advertising: 

1. The logo you wear on your T-shirt. 

2. The branded cup you drink your coffee from. 

3. The shelf position

4. The organic content in social media of the brands you like and follow. 

5. Then there is the ordinary types of advertising - TV, Automobile advertising, Outdoor advertising etc. 

Thus, that's why corporate identity and corporate branding is important. When your customers enter your store they subconsciously interact with your brand. They remember every small detail and feel a certain way. Make them feel home and cosy by implementing a certain elements in your store, which your clients will fall in love with. Talk to them without talking. Use the right colours to influence a certain perception or behaviour. 

Useful information

Before you place your order for product manufacturing, we encourage you to get familiar with our requirements on files and other useful information: 

+ File formats that we work with: 

Adobe InDesign (.ind), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps), Adobe Photoshop (.tif, .eps), Corel Draw X5 (cdr.)

+ File bleeds:

It is important that you leave bleeds approximately 2-4 mm on each side of your files, in order to avoid cutting an element of your project. 

+ File resolutions:

The optimum resolution setting varies in accordance of the size of the final product. Usually, it is between 90 dpi, 120 dpi, 300 dpi. It is best if the texts are in vectors (curves) and the images in raster format. If you are unsure about the dimensions of your prepress file, please don't hesitate to contact us.

+ File colors:

Digital printing technologies work mainly with CMYK gamuts. Take this in mind when you send your files, in order to avoid any mismatch of colors.

+ Sending prepress files:

Prepress files up to 10 MB can be send via email and files over 10 MB - via our website form for inquiries and orders or via attachment to any other free website platform as you forward on email the link for download. 

+ Information about your product:

We would like to receive more information about the specifics of your product: size, preferable media and finishings. If you are unsure about any of the wanted information, you can contact a representative of our sales department. 

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