Close-loop services optimize productivity, time, expenses and communication.

We care about the sustainability of these resources so we offer full range of services as: visualization, design, prepress, wide format digital printing, finishing operations and applications.

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  • Solvent printing

    The solvent machines - Storm Jet and Jeti 3300 - work with solvent-based inks, which guarantee excellent coverage and penetration of ink into the material, regardless of the specific type. Such technology is best used for printing on vinyl and other types of media that are applicable to the outdoor areas of advertising. The solvent inks create 100% resistance to weather conditions and no additional print protection is required.


    The Jeti technology is equipped with highly productive spectra print heads which use the four-colored CMYK gamut. The maximum weight of the roll media is 3.20 m and the resolution that is achieved in maximum is 800 dpi. Images printed with solvent inks and used for outdoor advertising can last up to 2 years.


    The Seico H2P-74S printer is other solvent-based technology but it works with higher speed and better resolution. The printed images are vivid and vibrant and this is why the Seico printer is best suitable when used for images that are intented to be closely observed. 


    Applicable mediasvinyl, mesh, paper, PVC films (matt, gloss, transparent), CAST (automotive) film, translucent film, backlit film, backlit vinyl, canvas

  • UV roll printing


    The Jeti 3348 UV Galaxy roll to roll technology works with 48-spectra print heads and the environmentally friendly UV curable inks. Thanks to that, Jeti Galaxy offers maximum print quality at maximum print speed. The flexibility of printing in 6 colors with the 600 dpi resolution gives the highest quality of any printer in its class.


    The UV-lamps instantly dry the UV-inks and add a matt finish to the printed image. This technology doesn’t allow flashes of artificial lighting to get through the used media.



    Applicable media: PVC (matt, gloss, transparеnt) film, CAST (automotive) film, vinyl, mesh, paper.

  • Latex printing


    HP Scitex LX850 (3,20m)

    HP Latex 370 (1,60m)


    The use of latex inks in the wide-format printing is a quite new technology. HP Latex inks are often compared to the acrylics because of their water-based texture. Applicable to both indoors and outdoors, this technology creates images with photorealistic quality and allows you to choose between a variety of media – vinyl, paper, wallpaper, PVC banners, backlit film.


    The eco-friendly process of printing and the water-based components produce images which are safe for home, business or any other interior décor. Outdoor prints achieve display permanence up to three - five years.


    HP latex brings outstanding image quality with its 6 colors (CMYK, Lc, Lm), wide color gamut, 4-pt. texts and up to 1200 dpi resolution.


    Applicable media: wallpapers, canvas, backlit film, backlit vinyl, PVC (matt, gloss, transparent) film, CAST (automotive) films, vinyl, textiles, paper.

  • Direct printing on glass

    Suitable for the decorative and interior industries, the print glass is an impressive product that can easily add an uniqueness to any place. Printing onto glass with OCE ARIZONA 350 GT guarantees the security of the image on the back of the media, vibrancy of the colors and permanency of the inks for at least 5 years. This technology uses UV-inks while printing.


    OCE ARIZONA 350 GT is a flatbed printer that works with five color gamut – CMYK + option for white ink. With this, the consistency of the colors can be regulated with additional or reductional usage of white.


    The printed glass is created on eco-friendly machine, which makes the final product absolutely suitable for interior decors.


    Application of the print glass: kitchen backs, furniture improvement, kitchen "splash backs", wall decors  

  • Flatbed digital printing

    Océ ARIZONA 350 GT is a preferable technology for direct printing onto flat surfaces. The printing area is with sizes 1,205 x 2,50 m and enables the handling of a wide range of solid, flexible and soft materials.


    The UV technology of the printer achieves near-photographic image quality and makes texts as small as 6 pt. perfectly legible. The four-color ink set plus the white ink option reach a never-seen quality before. The use of white ink option can be modified according to the customer’s want about the transparency or consistency of the image.


    Océ ARIZONA 350 GT is often applicable for the uses of the interior and decorative industries. Because of its option to print onto a wide variety of rigid media on the flatbed, the machine can be used for printing onto flat furniture surfaces. With this, any part of your home, office or business can achieve personal uniqueness.


    Applicable media: PVC pannels, PVC foams, PVC films, PVC boards, canvas,  plexiglass, opal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, crystal, cardboad, lightboard, vinyl, wood, cork

  • Outline cutting

    The Zund cutting system is best used for digital production of displays (POP and POS), banners, posters and other materials with large draw.


    This technology guarantees superior cutting and routing quality at unsurpassed productivity. It uses a wide range of blades and knives. It is easily adaptable and exchangeable to new adjustments.


    The automatization of the process and the ability to change the parameters of cutting while working gives a great advantage for the working process and the timing. The working area is with sizes 3,00 x 2,00 and the maximum thickness of the used media should be no thicker than 20 mm.


    Applicable media: cardboard, pasteboard, lightboard, corrugated cardboard, PVC panels, paper, plexiglass, aluminium composite panels

  • Laser engraving and cutting


    The use of Laser technology can create some very interesting and unique products. At Top Print, we offer the service of laser cutting and laser engraving of thick, soft and flexible materials. The beam of laser takes a thin layer of the product’s surface and stamp a design on it so that it stands out in relief.. The created image is practically everlasting.



    Both rotational and conical engraving are applicable. The maximum thickness of the processed material is 10 mm. The working area of the laser is 1,4 x 2,4 m. 


    Applicable media: glass, plexiglass, polystyrene, wood, stone, leather.


  • Visualization, design and prepress


    Among the design softwares that we use are Adobe Collection, Corel Draw, EngView. We offer such services as: visualisation, design and prepress. 


    The EngView software is used for creating structural design for packaging and branded displays. The most commonly used materials are cardboard, corrugated cardboard. The whole process of the product making is automated and goes with exclusive precision.


    If your images are sent with lower resolution, Top Print is not responsible for the quality of the ready print.

  • Finishing operations


    • Outline cutting of ready prints;
    • Placing caps;
    • Sewing operations;
    • Warm and cold lamination;
    • Backing PVC films to panels;
    • Creasing cardboard and formatting;
  • Applications and installations


    Besides visualizing and printing your ideas over a variety of media types, we also can provide you all services of additional applications and installation.


    Our team of professionals will hear your ideas and will advice you on any step of the process of creating, branding and setting up your products.